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Museo A come Ambiente

Museum areas

MAcA is composed of three different buildings connected by an interior garden. The Historical Building, headquarter of the firm fire prevention division during Michelin period, is articulated on three floors which host energy, waste and water thematic areas. The Green Pavilion, designed by Carlo Ratti Associati – Carlo Ratti &Walter Nicolino, hosts different trails and exhibitions on nutrition, knowledge transfer and transports: three of the main challenges which await a constantly growing world. The Shell, multifunctional open space would be devoted to projections, conferences, temporary exhibitions and labs.

Museum surroundings

MAcA looks out on Parco Dora, a postindustrial area of 456.000 sqm where, until the 1990s, production plants of FIAT and Michelin were in operation.

For more information on Parco Dora and its initiatives, please go to Parco Dora.