A come Ambiente

Creating a bridge between research and practice

Curiosity makes us travel around the world. We offer our visitors scientific experiments, games they can easily reproduce at school or at home. An easy way to get to know nature.

Educational activities:

  • Thematic areas: interactive visiting tours to exhibits (Water, Waste, Energy, Food)
  • Scientific labs: teaching activities and labs (for more information please download the program at the following link Libretto didattico 2017/18 –italian version) comply with common curricular guidelines (for more information on this issue please visit the page Linee Guida educazione ambientaleitalian version)
  • Creativity labs: creative activities to plan and build through recycling
  • Plant visits: guided tours to MAcA Associates’ research centers and production plants

Activities are modulated according to students’ grade.

Each activity is managed by a pilot and lasts an hour and a half.

It’s possible to combine a thematic area tour with a lab.